The Price They Say vs. The Price You Pay

Let's face it. For most of us, looking for an assisted living home is much less a choice than it is a necessity. So, in our search for assisted living we are often looking for the best deal out there. Often, what I find is that families focus way too much on the dollar amount that assisted living facilities put out there to promote the fantasy of a bargain when the real price you end up paying is much higher. This is the typical get-your-foot-in-the-door tactic of salesmanship.

What is included in that highly visible base price? Most of the time the base price includes the room, the amenities (including generalized activities/events,) three meals a day, once a week housekeeping and very limited personal assistance. That leaves a lot of room for service add-on's. If you need medications administered, help with incontinence, getting ready in the morning/at bedtime, taking baths, transferring, assistance eating, staying hydrated, or any other special needs; you will easily find that your fee's are adding up quickly.

Always ask what you are getting for services when you check an assisted living facility out. Those nice rooms with the kitchenette and microwave sometimes implies that you only get one or two meals a day. Make sure and get a quote for all the services that you will need. Don't let them move you in with the true monthly cost kind of floating around out there "to-be determined".

If you truly want to find a good deal, take time to appropriately price the services you are looking for. Some assisted living homes, like the Oasis, will offer all-inclusive prices. No gimmicks or hidden costs. It's only when you shop around and ask the right questions that you can truly compare where the best value lies. Caring and qualified caregivers are not easy to find, but at the Oasis Assisted Living Home in Pueblo West, CO we never settle for less than the best! Give us a call today to schedule your tour! 719-547-3109

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